What qualifies a political subdivision as an eligible entity for participation in the plan sponsored by the State of Alaska?

A governmental unit (a municipality, school district or other political subdivision of the State) as defined within Alaska state statute may apply to participate in the State-sponsored Political Subdivision Group Health and Life Insurance plan.

Medical Plan Options

There are three plan options available for an eligible political subdivision to select from, for their employees and family members. The current insurance carrier for the medical, pharmacy, dental, vision and audio benefits is Aetna.

The Plan Summaries provide a high level overview of the benefits for each plan. All plans are comprehensive in nature, but vary on key provisions such as deductible, coinsurance (reimbursement amount) and out of pocket (coinsurance) limits.

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Current Plans (Effective July 1, 2019)
Medical Plan Comparison Chart (PDF)

Dental, Vision, and Audio Benefits
Dental, Vision and Hearing (PDF)

The following booklets are for effective date July 1, 2018.

Plan II    
      Medical Plan Summary (PDF) Plan Booklet (PDF)
Plan III    
      Medical Plan Summary (PDF) Plan Booklet (PDF)
Plan IV -- High Deductible Health Plan  
  Medical Plan Summary (PDF) Plan Booklet (PDF)

Aetna's Alaska Appeals and Complaint Health Riders

Click on the links below to view the Appeals and Complaint Health Riders.
Medical and Rx (PDF)

2019 Summaries of Benefits and Coverage

Life and Disability Insurance

Contact Division of Retirement & Benefits at 1-800-821-2251 regarding Life and Short & Long Term Disability Insurance questions.

Plan Premium Costs

The current premiums for the different plans are shown in the premium exhibit. Premiums are subject to change, generally in July of each year.

Premium Costs (Effective July 1, 2019)

Application Process

An eligible governmental unit must submit two copies of the Participation Agreement and a certified copy of a resolution approved by the governing body to the State of Alaska. Following receipt of the necessary documents, the administrator will review the application to determine if participation may be approved.

Submissions should be mailed to:

Please note the Participation Agreement (PDF) contains the following provisions:

The Employer's Responsibility

Employers are required to:

The governmental unit may either pay the entire cost of the insurance for its employees and their eligible dependents or share the cost with the employees.

Minimum Employer Contribution Requirements:

Who Is Covered?

If your entity participates, coverage is mandatory for all eligible employees and optional for their dependents.

The following employees are eligible for coverage:

Eligible dependents include the following:

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